Can’t Fail Pattern: Easy Baby Booties

Can’t Fail Pattern: Easy Baby Booties

Can't Fail Pattern: Easy Baby Booties
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My mom (Rita) gave me this example as a “Can’t Fail Pattern” to make child booties. They are simple!

What you require

Patons Powder Puff Wool

4mm needles


Yarn Needle


I am futile at sewing because of absence of practice.

It took me 1 hour to make one bootie so they make up quick (much speedier if your not an amateur).

Rita is presently sewing piles for the nearby doctor’s facility. I am still yet to sew my second bootie as I got derailed.

Thrown on 20 sts

Tie fasten 10 Rows

Column 11, push off 4 fastens keep on sewing. (16sts)

Column 12, push off 4 fastens keep on sewing (12sts)

Tie fasten 6 Rows

Column 19, K2 tog to end.

Column 20 K2 tog to end.

String Yarn Through remaining join and draw together and secure off.

Sew the creases together and string through lace to frame the bands. Leave 1/2 an inch at the highest point of the front crease to permit the foot to slip in effortlessly.

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