Child Booties Without Seams (top down)

Child Booties Without Seams
Child Booties Without Seams

Child Booties Without Seams (top down)

A Pattern by YarnThrower

This example was motivated by Ruth’s “Ideal” Baby Booties, however my development system is entirely diverse, disposing of the crease found along the back and focus base of numerous child bootie designs. (Subsequent to scanning online **unsuccessfully** for a “consistent” infant bootie design, I chose to make sense of one on my own…)

This specific example starts at the sleeve of the bootie and works down toward the base. On the off chance that you lean toward working from the base up, I’ve additionally posted a “Child Booties Without Seams (base up)” example.

(This example is the property of YarnThrower and may not be recreated with the exception of one duplicate for individual use. In the event that you print or circulate this example without YarnThrower’s composed consent, you are taking.)

Needles required: Size 5 DPN’s

Yarn required: DK or Sport weight



Thrown on 36 join.

Joining to work in the round, *K2P2* for 20 rounds.

Weave 1 round.

*K2tog, YO, K1* and rehash until end of round. (This structures eyelets for embeddings a tie.)

Weave 2 rounds.

Top of foot forming:

Next round (set up round): K22, M1, turn. (updated 8/5/2009, was “20”)

Next column (purl short line): Slip 1 as to purl, P8, M1, turn.

Next column (sew short line): Slip 1 as to purl, K8, M1, turn.

(Note: For reflected increments, when working M1 on the purl column, embed left needle into bar in the middle of former and next join worked from back to front to “make” new line; then purl this new fasten. At the point when working M1 on the sew line, embed left needle into bar in the middle of former and next line worked from front to back to “make” new line; then sew into the back of this new fasten.)

Work these two columns until there are an aggregate of 52 join. Try not to turn work after the M1 of the last purl line.

Slip next join onto right needle, bring yarn to inverse side of work, then give back the slipped line to one side needle. (This is “wrapping” the line.) Now turn work.

Weave to end of round (which will be the back of the bootie).

Sides and base of bootie:

Weave one round, sewing wrapped fasten alongside its wrap.

Weave seven rounds.

Purl one round.

Weave one round.

*P4, P2tog, P14, P2tog, P4* twice.

*K2tog, K20, K2tog* twice.

*P3, P2tog, P12, P2tog, P3* twice.

*K2tog, K16, K2tog* twice.

*P2, P2tog, P10, P2tog, P2* twice.

*K2tog, K12, K2tog* twice. (28 lines)

Put initial 14 lines of round on one dpn; place whatever is left of the fastens on a second dpn. Work a three needle tie off.

Wrapping up:

Cut yarn.

Weave in closures.


As usual, I respect your remarks, concerns, proposals – and definitely, on the off chance that you discover a mistake or if something is confounding, I’d affection to think about it so I might enhance the example!

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