Child Mocs

Child Mocs

These super simple child booties are such a breeze to sew, to the point that an arrangement of three would be an immaculate blessing. I would love if individuals utilized this example as a beginning stage to make booties one of a kind to their own particular motivations. Change the hues and copy fasten outlines to make an arrangement of Christmas booties, Jungle booties, Flower Garden booties, Art Deco booties, Pirate booties – the rundown is unending!

Child Mocs
Child Mocs

Whether you stay with our Native American motivated shoes or think of your own subject, it would be truly enjoyable to see the your rewards for all the hard work – please share your connections! – Whitney


Blue Sky Alpaca’s 100% Sportweight Alpaca. (One skein would be sufficient for no less than two sets of strong shading booties, however in the event that you need to join contrast hues, you can utilize scrap yarn or purchase a few skeins and have enough yarn for a great deal of booties!) These hues (from the top) are:

Regular White 500

Regular Light Tan 504

Regular Copper 502

Red 518 and

Capri 539

An arrangement of US #2 twofold pointed needles

An arrangement of US #4 twofold pointed needles

4 line markers

An embroidered artwork needle


6 lines = 1 inch in stockinette line with bigger needle

Completed Size

3 1/2 inches from heel to toe (to fit newborn child)

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