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By: Julie Montanaro
May 13, 2016

Tallahassee cuts the ribbon on “Co-Lab.” It’s the latest co-working space in town.

It’s billed as a place where entrepreneurs can “work for themselves, not by themselves.”

Co-working is a nationwide trend that’s seen its ranks surge in the past two years.

Co-lab at the Pod already has more than a dozen entrepreneurs signed up to work in this shared space.

It features a conference room, work stations, wi-fi and private offices.

“People want to be in charge of their own destiny and keep overhead low,” Samantha Strickland said.

Strickland created this co-working space after she launched her advertising business from home and quickly realized she needed a place with fewer distractions, more interaction, and a professional place to meet clients.

“This allows those independent contractors and freelancers that are out there in coffee shops or working at home to have a home base outside of home,” Strickland said.

Tallahassee’s Domi Station was one of the first co-working spaces in Tallahassee.

A new study estimates that worldwide there will be as many as
10-thousand co-working spaces by the end of this year. It found most average 76 members and that’s doubled in just two years.

Dr. Susan Fiorito – who will soon lead FSU’s new college of entrepreneurship – says it’s an exciting and affordable trend.

“So we’re seeing a sharing economy,” Fiorito said. “Shared together the expenses – in an environment where they could help each other – So these things are just so invaluable.”

Co-lab focuses on creative types like graphic artists, web designers and marketing pros.

Charles Musgrove with “The Bean Team” knows all about start ups. He launched his accounting business from home and will be working with start ups here to bolster the business side of their business.

Co-Lab will be open 24-7.

The space will also feature a coffee bar by Catalina Cafe … to fuel any late night inspiration.

Strickland and her partners estimate they can accommodate as many as 75 entrepreneurs and are hoping to help small businesses and non-profits on tight budgets.

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