Child Booties (Free Knitting Pattern)

Child Booties (Free Knitting Pattern)

These child booties are made for walkin’! With their ribbed sleeve and artificial softened cowhide sole, your child will be warm and stylin’ through the winter months. In this undertaking, you’ll work with fabric structure soles; ace a straightforward, ribbed sleeve; and venture up your aptitudes with an I-rope tie off. There’s nothing cuter than a kiddo in charming kicks!

Child Booties Without Seams
Child Booties Without Seams

Step 1


Hand Sewing Knitting to Fabric

I-Cord – With dpns or circ, cast on fastens. Weave crosswise over line. Once that column is finished (a), slide the fastens to the inverse end of the needle, and switch hands so that the needle (or end, in the event that you are taking a shot at a roundabout needle) with the sew line is in your left hand. The working yarn will seem, by all accounts, to be at the wrong end of the column, however simply bring it behind the lines and start sewing once more (b). The strand of yarn extended over the back will make a cording impact. Proceed in this way (c) until you accomplish an I-string of the sought length.


Unisex baby (one size)

Completed Measurements:

Sole: 4 in/10 cm long

Sew sleeve: 5 in/12.5 cm tall by 5 ½ in/14 cm wide


Boston Tweed Shelter (100% Targhee-Columbia fleece; 140 yd/128 m): Button Jar, 1 hank (you can get a few sets out of 1 hank) or substitute any worsted-weight (#4) 100% fleece or fleece mix


2 US 6/4 mm twofold pointed needles or 1 roundabout needle (or size expected to acquire gage)

1 save twofold pointed needle


1 sets, Boye Starting Points Baby Booties

6 catches, wanted size

Sewing needle

String in organizing shading


16 lines and 20 lines for every 4 in/10 cm in example

Step 2

Directions (make 2)


CO 16.

Lines 1–3: Knit.

Line 4: Purl.

Rehash lines 1–4 until piece measures 5 ½ in/14 cm from CO edge.

Sew 2 more lines.

I-line catch circle BO 4, *K1 (2 sts on RH needle), leave whatever is left of the sts hanging (on hold) on LH needle. Hold needle with 2 sts in left hand, and get save needle with right hand. Work 2-st I-rope for 1 ½ in/4 cm (or until sufficiently long to fit around picked catch). BO I-string, leaving tail for sewing. Let hang. BO next 3 sts; rep from * twice more.

Note: Last I-rope will be chipped away at last 2 sts.

Step 3


Get 28 sts equally along one side of sleeve piece.

Work in k1, p1 rib for 6 columns. BO in rib.

Step 4

Wrapping up

Utilizing yarn needle and tails, sew catch circles set up.

Taking after bootie maker’s directions, hand-sew long (non-ribbed) side of sleeve to within bootie.

Sew on catches to relate with catch circles.

Step 5

This infant bootie weaving example is excerpted with consent from “Step It Up Knits: Take Your Skills to the Next Level with 25 Quick and Stylish Projects” by Vickie Howell and distributed by Chronicle Books.

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