Delicate worsted weight yarn around 5 ounces, Simply Soft, Woolease

I (5.5mm) Hook

Gage: 11 dc = 4 inches

Size: 5.25 inches X 66 inches

Uncommon join:

Establishment join = Ch 3, yarn over, supplement snare in first ch and *pull up a circle. Yarn over, and pull through one circle (chain). Yarn over and pull through two circles twice (dc). You now have two establishment join. Yarn over and embed snare in ch of fasten simply made. Rehash from * until you have fancied number of fastens.

Dc Cross Stitch = Dc cross fasten = Skip one join, twofold sew in next line. From behind, dc in skipped join.

Line 1: Work 180 (or any different of 2) twofold sew establishment lines. Ch 2 turn.

Note: Turning chains don’t consider dc all through.

Column 2: Dc in every line. Ch 2 turn.

Line 3: Work dc cross fastens over. Ch 2 turn.

Line 4: Dc in every fasten. Ch 2 turn.

Line 5-6: Repeat line 3 and 4.

Line 7: Repeat column 3.

Line 8-9: Repeat column 4. Try not to attach off.


Line 1: Do not turn ch 1, 17 sc uniformly crosswise over slender edge. Ch 1 turn.

Line 2-3: Sc in every sc, ch 1 turn.

Rehash edging on inverse end.

Attach off and weave in finishes.

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