This Very Easy Scarflet would make an extraordinary first venture for the new knitter.

No comments about my turkey neck please.

I’m weaving a pack of these and the Fold Up Cuff Cap as sets for my philanthropy giving this fall.


Closes = 7 inches

Ribbed area = 3.75 inches

Length = 32 inches


Perused directions through before starting.

To make a more extensive scarflet cast on extra fastens in augmentations of 4.

To make a more extended scarflet work columns 9 and 10 until around 1.5 inches shorter than wanted.

Scarflet in photograph was sew with Red Heart Super Saver in Buff Fleck. There was bounty in the 5 ounce skein for the scarflet and top. On the off chance that you make it more extensive or more it will take more yarn… duh!


Worsted weight (4) yarn roughly 2.25 ounces (120 yards)

US size 9 (5.5 mm) and 10.5 (6.5 mm) sewing needles

Embroidered artwork needle


With 10.5 needles cast on 26 sts.

Lines 1-8: K

Switch to size 9 needles.

Line 9: K2, P2 over, end with K2.

Line 10: P2, K2 crosswise over end with P2.

Rehash lines 9 and 10 until scarf is around 31 inches from cast anxious, finishing with line 9.

Switch back to estimate 10.5 needles.

Weave 8 columns.

Tie off and weave in closures.



Suzetta…what a lovely…charming…and simply interesting name you have…

Affirm likewise I adore all your creations…I had a sister who cherished doing what you do…and she was wild talented…baby sweaters..bonnets…booties…toddler dresses..ponchos…shawls…afganes of which I have 7 or eight…one like a blanket…even a coat…when she was sick ..I was with her often…she urging me to crochete a cover for my little grandchild…okay I said to placate her…and there we were both doing our project…I whimpering about how hard it was, etc…she instructing me to proceed and know how flawless this blessing if for my grandchild…etc…anyway she is gone now 13 years…but the things I have of her’s are inestimable to me…Sorry so long…but I needed to share this essential piece of my sister in my life…So I’m going to monitor your blog…I’m sorry to learn that I have not made anything else…my loss….Hope Suzetta you get my new blog…louisahere.blogspot.com….I have my unassuming musings… my poems…my artistic creations that such a large number of have let me know are truly something…very one of a kind and different…on there for my a great many supporters to read…Okay two relatives so far….thanks mother and father…

Alright that is all I promise…Please visit me at my website house…all people welcomed….Ciao….Louisa


Suzetta, my yahoo bunch Knittalk is going to go to your web journal and we are going to weave your scarflet and I will post pictures of completed items on my online journal. I’ll let you know when we begin. It will be enjoyable to see where individuals are from and what yarns are utilized. Love your patterns….

Camo sweater Sawyer’s Nonni….Mari in Oak Creek WiEASY SCARFLET 4

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