Elfin Baby Booties

Elfin Baby Booties

Elfin Baby Booties 2

Size: 0 to 6 months

Materials: size G snare, a couple of ounces of Vanna’s

Decision in Kelly Green, four 9mm jingle balls.

Gage: 7 sc and 7 lines = 2 ins.


Chain 20

Line 1: Sc in second chain from snare; sc in remaining; chain 1, turn. (19 sc)

Line 2 – 7: Sc over; ch 1, turn. Place markers at every end of column 7.

Column 8: Sc over; ch 1, turn.

Column 9: Dec 1 sc every side of line; ch 1, turn. (17 sc)

Column 10 – 13: Sc over; chain 1, turn. (17 sc)

Column 14: Dec 1 sc every side of line (15 sc)

Turn. Don’t yo. Draw up a circle in each of the following 15 sc; yo, draw through every one of the 16 circles on

snare; pull cozily; chain 1. Drop your yarn.

Elfin Baby Booties 3

Fold bootie wrong sides together. Join length of yarn at bas of recuperate, ensuring incorrectly sides of

piece are as one. Sc up back of bootie to lower leg. Attach off, weave in finishes.

Get dropped yarn at toe. Sc up to stamped columns, then sc around lower leg opening. Slipstitch into

first sc at lower leg opening. Chain 3; DO NOT TURN; dc at base of same join. Dc around to front

focus of lower leg opening; chain 3; TURN; dc around. Secure off and weave in closures. Fold down

sleeves at lower legs and join two 9mm jingle balls at their corners. (The jingle balls cut string, so

you might need to join them with yarn.)

This is a unique creation; the substance of this example is copyrighted. You might print out pages for yourself, or for

philanthropy IF credit is given on every page to DIY Maven (otherwise known as: JoAnn Moser). You might connection to this page with

fitting credit. In any case, distributed this example on different sites, in messages, mailing records, in any print media,

On the other hand the offering of this example, or things produced using it, is entirely prohibited.

Elfin Baby Booties 1

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