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2 skeins (39 yards every) Lion Brand Fancy Fur

US size N (9.0 mm) sew snare

Embroidered artwork needle

SIZE: Approximately 5 creeps wide and 40 crawls in length.


1. Perused directions completely through before starting.

2. The starting ch 3 considers the primary dc all through. Begin every column by skirting the principal dc and end with dc in the turning chain.

3. Now and again it is difficult to see where to put your snare, when that happens you can utilize your fingers to feel where the snare goes. Another approach to see where the snare goes is hold your work up and let the light radiate through it.

4. The most straightforward system for joining the yarn is to hold closes from every ball together, tie an overhand bunch. At that point trim the finishes around 3/8 crawl long.

5. Before weaving in closures pull the slubs off the end you are going to weave in, they pull right off without disentangling the yarn.


Column 1: Ch 12, dc in fourth ch from snare and each remaining ch. Ch 3, turn. (10 dc)

Line 2: Dc in each st. Ch 3, turn. (10 dc)

Rehash line 2 until scarf is 7 inches from beginning chain.

Next line: Dc in 3 sts (4 dc tallying the ch 3), ch 2, skip 2 sts, dc in last 4 sts. Ch 3, turn. (8 dc and 1 ch 2 sp)

Next line: Dc in each st, 2 dc over ch 2 sp. Ch 3, turn. (10 dc)

Rehash column 2 until scarf is around 40 creeps in length. Secure off and weave in finishes.

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