Forex Training starts in Antalya.

With 20 years of stock market experience and 5 years of Forex trading experience, would you like to take a step in winning? To touch your dreams and achieve your goals, you can learn to use your investments in the right investment tools. Buying at the right levels and selling and leverage from the right levels can make your gain 100 times higher.

Within the scope of the training, the topics you need to know will be explained in a simple and easily applicable way.

We will learn together to defeat the fear of losing. We will reinforce what we learn by doing transactions in demo accounts.

We will create transaction discipline and transaction strategies together. Strategy means to win in forex. Strategy can not win in non-forex.

During training, you will learn what you need to know in both basic analysis and technical analysis.

How to lose in Forex ?,
How to lose in Forex ?,

With risk management, we will learn to limit our losses and losses.

How to lose in Forex?
How to win in Forex
What is Algorithmic Trading?
What is News Trading?
How to make Robot software operations?
What is an Expert Advisor and how is it used?
How is Investor Psychology under control?
You have to participate in this training to learn all these and to win by doing successful operations.

Please contact us for your participation.

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