Godby Student Gets All-Expense Paid Prom Night! – New Posts 2016

By:Erin Lisch

May 7, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.-The tuxes and corsages are out! At Prom night for Godby High School, one senior gets a very special gift for her first and last prom.

Lashae Jackson receive a free night of prom after winning a contest!

Applicants had to have 3.0 or higher, a letter of recommendation and write an essay.

As the winner, Lashae received a free prom dress, hair and makeup done at no cost.

Creator of the contest Lilian Bouie gives us the reason she came up with the idea. “Prom wasn’t something that was very easy for me to do, and it was affordable like that. So I figured that now that I’m a little bit more fortunate, I could you know, give to someone else.”

When asked what this night means to her winner Lashae Jackson said, “I’ve never been to prom and I had my boyfriend here with me that means a lot to have my family and my mom and for Lilly to do this for me…” Holding back tears Jackson said, but yeah it means a lot!”

Lashae also made this year’s Godby prom court!

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KAYNAK : http://www.wctv.tv/news/headlines/Godby-Student-Gets-All-Expense-Paid-Prom-Night-378578556.html

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