How are the whales and how do they affect the crypto currencies?

The area of ​​cryptographic currencies has been criticized since 2009. In the meantime, few people have become bitter whores by embracing Bitcoin and a few subcoins.

‘Whale’ refers to the person or group of people who can manipulate the market using their big crypto assets. Balinar is a big player in the ocean, a metaphor for the crypto ecosystem … The latest trend in the market is the surge of small investors (small fishes) created by gigantic players for their own benefit in order to make some money. Instead of crypto currencies like Bitcoin, they target smaller volume subcoins. The creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is considered to be the largest honey in the field of cryptography, which apparently has 1 million Bitcoins.

Whale detection
It is very important for small traders to know when a whale bought and sold. A wrong decision can result in severe loss. Therefore, it is important to observe the market trend carefully. Lately, many programs have been developed to detect these big players. Of course, they have no certainty. To get a better understanding of the crypto market, it is recommended that you manually go to work from the programs.

How are the whales and how do they affect the crypto currencies
Since 2009, a small number of people who have embraced Bitcoin and crypto money have become the market honeymooners. What are these whales and how are they determined?

How is a whale purchase detected?
For small fishes it is very important to wait for the whales to appear in the order book. Below are a few tips that can help you hunt the whales.

Tip 1: Check the order book for an unusual increase in the bid size

For example, suppose that the average purchase amount is 1000 and the sales amount is 2000. If there are larger amounts of reception than the average reception amount, this may indicate that a whale wants to enter that crypto.

Tip 2: Change in price and volatility when the market is stagnant

In general, if a coin moves at a fairly constant price and suddenly increases in volatility and price, it indicates the presence of a whale or a group of whales.

Tip 3: Look for the bulge in the buying volume versus the sales volume

Generally, in a crypto market, the buying and selling volumes are divided equally. As the price increases, the percentage of buyers can be 70 percent and the proportion of sellers 30 percent. When the price starts to fall, the opposite happens. However, if there is a whale on the market, the rate of buyers may soon see an increase of up to 90 percent.

How is whale sales detected?
If there is a Bear Whale in the market, it can be very risky for these small traders because they can pull prices down by liquidating large amounts of assets. Here are tips for taking traces of the Bear Balin …

Tip 1: Monitor instant cancellations of massive purchase orders

If a large purchase order quickly disappears while watching the market, it may be a sign that the crypto money will fall. For example, suppose that there are a few big orders in the purchase orders and that they disappeared after a while … In this case you have to be careful about a big sales emrine. Also, a large sale in an order book, also known as a sales wall, can change the behavior of other market players and reduce the price of crypto money.

Tip 2: Check if there is a strong fluctuation in price in a short time

A crypto can be pointed to the whale as soon as you see an increased price on the money and it suddenly dies as the rocket pattern increases. Price volatility may not have occurred due to news or other reasons, but may be due to whale presence. When the price increases reach the desired level of whales, all assets are sold and discarded.

Tip 3: Strong momentum in volume

An abnormal growth in the field indicates that a whale is inside. For example, when the volume is three times larger than the routine volume, it could be the work of a whale or whale group. On the one hand, if you see that the volume increases and the amount of sales increases further, this shows that the rate of change is changing.

Whales are always accused when the market collapses suddenly and unexpectedly. Many crypto enthusiasts are wondering what it takes to be a whale. According to several forums and crypto experts, approximately 1000 to 10,000 Bitcoins are required to qualify as a whale

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