Infant Slippers – Mary Janes

Infant Slippers – Mary Janes

This free weaving design demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to sew a couple of Mary Jane shoes for an infant.

What you require

1 20g chunk of 4 utilize cozily Double weaving fleece

Weaving Thread

2 Small catches

Size 5 (3.75mm) Needles


Estimations: Newborn-6months

Strain: 13sts to 2 inch (5cm) measures over

Start with the sole.

Thrown on 15sts.

Infant Slippers – Mary Janes
Infant Slippers – Mary Janes

first Row: INC. in 1 st , K1 INC next st,K. to second last st. Inc in next st, K.1.

second Row: K

Rehash last 2 columns 4 more times(25sts)

K.4 columns

Next Row :k.2 tog, K, to last 2 sts. K.2tog

Next Row: K

Rehash last 2 lines 4 times more. (15sts)

This finishes the sole. (Try not to push off, proceed with the upper segment).

Start Upper:

first Row: Cast on 9sts for heel. K to last 2 sts. Inc in next st, K1 (25sts)

second Row: K

third Row: K. to last 2 sts, inc in next st K.1

fourth Row: K. (26sts)

Rehash third and fourth lines 3 times more. (29sts)

Next Row: Cast of 16 sts. K to end.

K 11 lines on these 13 sts. For focus front.

Next Row: Cast on 9sts, K, to last 2 sts, K.2 Tog.

Next Row: K

Next Row: K to last 2 sts, K.2 Tog

Next Row: K

Rehash last 2 lines 3 times more (25sts)

Pushed off

Work a second shoe similarly.


Thrown on 30 sts K 2 lines

Buttonhole line: K2 push off first. K. to end.

Next line: K to push off st, inc in next st, K to end.

K. 1 column

Pushed off.

To make up these weaved Mary Jane shoes:

Fold into equal parts on wrong side and crease cast on and push off edges together for side of foot. Crease around formed front, facilitating in any totality on the upper crease. Crease heel segment set up in the wake of joining short focus back crease.

Sew strap to focus back for a few fastens to every side of focus. Sew catch on strap to match buttonhole. Weave plan on front or trim with lace bow.

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