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By: Julie Montanaro
May 20, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV — Tallahassee’s new VA clinic is nearing completion and it’s going to be three times the size of the existing one.

Located near the intersection of Orange avenue and Blair Stone Road, it’s about a ten minute drive from the current VA clinic on Mahan Drive.

Construction on the 200,000 square foot facility began nearly two years ago and is expected to open to the public by the fall.

“It’s a first class medical facility, and it feels that way when you walk in the door,” Dr. Mark Strickland told WCTV.

There are currently two clinics on Mahan Drive, one is a medical facility and the other serves mental health.

As many as 1,900 vets a week visit the facility. The new VA clinic will be able to serve all of them under one roof.

“Well, our little-bitty clinic is the size of the a shed and we’re going to the Taj Mahal,” Assistant Chief Nurse Diane Fletcher says. “We are going to have adequate space to do procedures that normally, right now, [veterans] would have to travel to Lake City or Gainesville to get those services met.”

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kit Kuss says that there will be plenty of services offered in the new facility.

“There’s a plan for orthopedics, cardiology, pulmonary,” Kuss says. “W’re going to add MRI and CT scanning.”

The new clinic spans three stories. Mental health and pharmacy are on the first floor, primary care is on the second floor and specialists are on the third floor.

Construction on the building itself is in the home stretch. Then the VA will begin outfitting it with equipment and recruiting more doctors, nurses and mental health professionals.

“We are looking at the potential to increase the number of employees by a hundred,” administrative officer Calvin Carter told WCTV.

Kit Kuss says that staff expects the facility to attract a large number of veterans.

A spokeswoman with the VA says when the clinic opens, they’ll phase it in over the span of a few weeks.

Staff says veterans will be happy to see its 900 parking spaces, an increase over the packed parking lot at the current facility.

It’s set to open in October.

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