LCSO Deputy hurt in explosion during Capitol training exercise – New Posts 2016

By: Julie Montanaro
May 20, 2016

Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Brendan Brunner was injured during active shooter training at Florida’s capitol Monday.

LCSO Spokesman Grady Jordan confirms that Brunner was hurt when a “pyrotechnic training device” ignited inside the bomb squad’s truck. Jordan says those simulate real explosions but are not as powerful.

Jordan says Brunner was taken to the hospital and is now home on medical leave. Jordan says he cannot comment on the nature or extent of Brunner’s injuries due to health care privacy laws.

“We do expect him to return to work,” Jordan said.

Jordan says Brunner was reaching into a drawer when somehow the explosive device went off. Jordan says the bomb squad commander is investigating why. He says LCSO is contacting the manufacturer and other bomb squads to try to figure out what went wrong.

Jordan says there are no more of the explosive devices on the bomb truck and they will not be using them in training until they get some answers.

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