Lucky Duck Waddles off into the Sunset – New Posts 2016

By: Julie Montanaro
May 13, 2016

A duck that made headlines in Tallahassee – and all over the world – for surviving a hunter’s blast has now died of natural causes.

This is one of those stories that is as unbelievable today as it was when it happened nine years ago.

Rewind to 2007.

Perky the lucky duck was shot three times by a hunter.

Two days later, the hunter’s wife opened the freezer only to discover, Perky wasn’t dead.

The ringed neck duck was rescued, underwent surgery and has spent the past nine years swimming around with another lucky duck at the Tallahassee Museum.

“Perky has delighted thousands of Museum visitors over the last nine years,” said Tallahassee Museum CEO Russell Daws. “We will miss Perky greatly and will always remember her amazing story of survival,” Daws said.

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