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By: Mike Vasilinda
May 4, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — If your birthday is this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you might want to check to see if your driver’s license expires this weekend. Renewals will not be available online because the state is moving the computers, and you could be ticketed if you are stopped.

The Tallahassee office complex that houses the Department of Business and Professional Regulation was moving truck central on Wednesday. 1,500 state employees are being moved out of the Northwood Centre after environmental problems were discovered, including ten pounds of bat droppings in the ceiling tiles over one desk.

At the close of business Friday, the data center housing computers used to renew drivers licenses, handicapped placards and much more is shutting down. The Department’s website’s red banner tells motorists to be prepared.

Beth Frady says renewals will be unavailable statewide over the weekend.

“It’s going to impact our customers, potentially, statewide, and so it’s very important that they prepare, they don’t wait till the last minute, and that they go ahead and renew their credentials, their registration, anything that might expire before May 10th,” says Frady.

The website also carries two warnings that driving without a valid license or parking without a proper placard could get you a ticket.

“Our services, to be clear, are the ones online that will be down, so there’ll be less convenience there,” Frady emphasized.

While the Department says the move is a big deal, they say they will be up and running and open for business Monday morning.

The state says staff will be working all weekend to keep the computer move on track, But this may be the first time bat droppings have ever shut down an entire state’s ability to renew a driver’s license.

More than 200 state employees are suing the owner of the complex over health issues, and the state and property owner are suing each other.

State lawmakers put a provision in the budget that it could not pay rent at the complex after June 30th.

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