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By:Erin Lisch

May 22, 2016

SAINT GEORGE ISLAND, Fla.- Less than a week from Memorial Day weekend, the Third Annual Paddle Jam takes place at various spots in Apalachicola and Saint George Island hosted by the Forgotten Coast Paddle Club.

Off Saint George Island, hundreds hit the beach for the third annual Paddle Jam hosted by the Forgotten Coast Paddle Club.

Music on the beach, paddle boards line the shore, sure signs of the annual Paddle Jam.

Celebrating the “forgotten coast” at Saint George Island, first time paddle boarders say compared to other water sports, its easy!

Enjoying paddling boarding for the first time Joe VanWeelden said, “Surfing you know you have to wait on a wave, where this you can go out and paddle around and it’s a lot of fun.”

For those in the paddle board business for years, they say lessons are the trick to a smooth ride.

Helping provide paddleboards at Paddle Jam, Island Fit SUP’s Samanta Fortunas said,”If you have an instructor to be out there with you to kind of guide you through it, you’re going to feel more comfortable on the water.”

Also renting free paddleboards at the festival, Journey’s of SGI’s Gayle Flint said, “It’s just like riding a bicycle, if you don’t have all the skills and people telling you them, you struggle a little bit more. But it’s not a hard sport.”

But, there’s a way to make it a challenge, how about trying yoga on a paddle board?

When asked about yoga paddleboarding, Paddleboarder John Hearin said, “I’ve fallen all the time!”

Stephanie Testa who teaches paddle yoga said, “You use your core more your legs, more and it’s just more intense!”

An intense yoga session or simply gliding Paddle Jam on the forgotten coast makes these memories unforgettable!

If you’d like to learn about the Forgotten Coast Paddle Club and the festivals visit

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