Remembering Ansley Rayborn: 2nd Annual Run for Ansley – New Posts 2016

By:Erin Lisch

May 14, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.- On an early May morning, people in Tallahassee fill the parking lot of Summerbrooke Golf Course.

They stand in a line, stretching and wearing light blue shirts with the logo, ‘Run for Ansley’.

It’s the Run for Ansley (Fun Run & 5K, honoring 14-year-old Chiles High School student Ansley Rayborn.

Ansley died tragically in a car crash February of 2015 friends say her spirit is still here.

Participating in the run Ansley’s neighbor Taylor Ncdaniel said,”She’s here running with us, and she’s here shining, and that’s her.”

Close friends with Ansley, Summer Maskevich said, “She was loud, she was full of life and she always wanted the best for everybody.”

When asked what Ansley was like friend Isabelle Friends said,”She was one of those people that like when you walk in a room and you see her like you have to smile.”

The race raises money for the Ansley Scholarship Fund, this helps with expenses for two Chiles High School seniors heading off to college.

Ansley’s mother Christi Rayborn said this is what her daughter would have wanted,”She passed away so young, at 14-years-old. So, I ‘d rather give back to someone who would use it for school because I know she’d of gone to college.”

Ansley, bringing the community together and continues to make an impact on those who loved her.

Ansley was Romin Schneider’s babysitter, he said, “Sometimes I pray to her so I can tell her that she know’s I ‘m still wanting to see her.”

Praying to remember, and running to honor Ansley Rayborn.

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