Rib Cuff Baby Booties Knitting Pattern

Rib Cuff Baby Booties Knitting Pattern

Weave up these lovable infant booties in the blink of an eye. The sewing design highlights a rib, fold down sleeve. These booties will keep infant feet toasty!

Rib Cuff Baby Booties Knitting Pattern
Rib Cuff Baby Booties Knitting Pattern

Completed Measurements

4″ (10.5 cm) from toe to heel, 4½” (12 cm) from center of sole to top of sleeve

Booties extend so they will fit a scope of babies.


5sts=1″ in st


Merino Stripes by Crystal Palace Yarns

1 ball Color 060 Grand Canyon

90% Merino fleece/10% polyester

50 grams/1.75 ounces

115 yds/105 meters

1 set twofold pointed needles Size 4 US (3.5 mm) or size expected to get gage

Embroidered artwork needle, scissors, markers

[Note: Because of the self-striping, long changes of hues in Merino Stripes, the booties won’t be indistinguishable in shading arrangement.]


Sleeve CO 28 sts. Put 9 sts on first needle, 10 on the second, and the remaining 9 on the third. Work 20 rounds in K1, P1 ribbing.

Top of the foot

K19. The third needle will have 9 sts (don’t work those sts now). Turn and purl back crosswise over 10 sts. Work only this needle in st until there are 14 lines, finishing with a P line.

*K1, K2 tog, work to end.

P1, P2 tog, work to end.*

Rehash between *s. (6 sts rem)

K 1 more line.

Edge (work in strap st)

Get 8 sts from left half of foot.

K9 from the sleeve (this segment is currently the heel).

P9 from next needle.

Get P8 sts from right half of foot.

P6 sts over the toe and afterward P back to the heel. (40 sts)

Revamp sts on ndls so they are equally conveyed on either sides of the toe.

K1 round, P1 round for 8 rounds (4 strap edges).


Cycle 1: K20, pm, K20

Cycle 2, 4: K2tog, K to 2 sts before marker, K2tog, sm, SSK, K to 2 sts before the end of the round, SSK, K2.

Cycle 3, 5, 6: K

Cycle 7: K20 (to marker). Break yarn leaving 12″ tail.

Unite sts or crease together.

Make another.


In the event that wanted, add a pom-pom to every toe. To make the best pom-poms, wrap the yarn around your hand 175 times. Slide the yarn off your hand and tie firmly around the midsection of those circles. Cut the finishes of the circles and trim until the pom-pom is around 2″ over. This uses a considerable measure of yarn, yet the subsequent pom-pom will be thick and tough.

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