Sew Baby Booties free example for strawberries

Sew Baby Booties free example for strawberries

These are only the cutest strawberry child booties, with little stitched blooms and will be the hit of any infant shower. They will fit an infant 0-3 months and can be sewn in cotton or a fleece mix, when the gage of the yarn is the same. This free sewing example is a unique by Hrönn Jónsdóttir, Knit Strawberry Baby Booties.

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Strawberry Baby Booties free example

* 1 skein green 4 handle yarn

* 1 skein red 4 handle yarn

* bits of yellow and white yarn

* Size 2-3 US needle

* sew snare to gage

gage is 8.25 st to the inch

CO 60 fastens with green , join in the round and check begin of round.

Line 1 – P

Line 2 – K

Line 3 – P

Line 4 – k1, k2tog, (k2, k2tog)x6, (k1, k2tog)x2, (k2, k2tog)x6, k1, k2tog (44 sts left on needles)

Columns 5-25 – k2, p2

Column 26 – *yo, k2tog*, rehash *-* to end

Columns 27-28 – k2, p2

Column 29 – k

Change to red

Columns 30-31 – k

For the following area of the example, you just work the initial 14 fastens of the round, forward and backward.

Column 32 – S1, k13, turn

Column 33 – S1, p13, turn

Rehash these two columns 10 more times

Column 52 – S1, k13, don’t turn

Column 53 – From the right side, get and weave 10 fastens along the edge of the piece simply sewed, sew 30 join, get and sew 10 lines along the second edge. Place marker to stamp begin of round. You will now work in the round once more.

Lines 54-55 – p (in cycle 54, when you purl the join you got and weave in cycle 53, it’s a smart thought to purl them through the back circles, to maintain a strategic distance from gaps)

Lines 56-57 – k

Lines 58-59 – p

Lines 60-61 – k

Lines 62-63 – p

Lines 64-65 – k

Presently, put fastens 1-14 join (toe) and lines 33-46 (heel) on bits of scrap yarn.

18 lines are left on every side. Sew the last 18 fastens of the round forward and backward in strap join, for 9 edges. End with a wrong side line (18 lines).

From the wrong side, join the 18 fastens together with the 18 lines from the other side.


Place the toe/heel lines on a needle and with another needle, get 10 fastens along the supporter line edge. Toward the start of next 4 columns, sew one line from the toe/heel join together with the primary line from the sole. 10 fastens are currently left on toe/heel segment, join these together with the 10 sole lines..

*Instead of utilizing this system, you can just push off the toe/heel lines and sew the edge to the sole. In any case, that will bring about a littler and all the more square formed infant bootie.

With yellow yarn and a woven artwork needle, sew “seeds” on the bootie. You could likewise utilize dabs.

Make a 6 in (15cm) long i-line with green yarn and string into the openings in the ‘yo, k2tog’- line.

Stitch blooms:

Make 4 ch and join in the round with a sl st.

Cycle 1 – 8 sc into the circle

Cycle 2 – 3 ch and affix with sl st to sc from cycle 1, 7 times

Cycle 3 – 4 sc into each ch st curve, 1 sl st in sc from cycle 1.

Utilizing a woven artwork needle, sew with yellow yarn into the focal point of the bloom. Sew the blossom onto the front of the bootie.

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