Sewn Spiral Square Baby Blanket

Sewn Spiral Square Baby Blanket

This fun child cover weaving example is worked from the middle out in a winding. I utilized three shades of yarn and incorporated a knitted edging to keep the Stockinette from twisting.

What you require

I utilized around 640 yards or four wads of Spud and Chloe Sweater, which works out to two skeins of shading A (mine is Turtle) and one each of B and C (Moonlight and Pollen, separately). Mine was a scrap extend so the numbers aren’t correct, and you will require a greater amount of C than you do of B

set of size 7 US (4.5 mm) twofold pointed needles and a round needle (or two to get a more drawn out link as you work)

size 7 (4.5 mm) knit snare

Gage is 16 join and 26 rounds for each 4 inches/10 cm in Stockinette Stitch in the round, or 4 lines and 6.5 lines for each inch/2.5 cm.

Completed cover is around 33 inches/83 cm square, yet you could continue running with more yarn or extra hues to make it bigger on the off chance that you needed. As may be, it’s an incredible stroller cover.


Starting with shading An and twofold pointed needles, cast on 8 join. Isolate onto 4 needles and join for working in the round,being watchful not to curve the fastens.

Weave in the front and back of every join. 16 fastens.

*Yarn over, weave to the end of the needle. Rehash from * to end. 20 join.

Rehash this round, changing to a roundabout needle (and including line markers at the expansion focuses if sought) when required, until your middle square is around 12 inches/30.5 cm over. (This took me 36 rounds.)

Change to shading B and proceed in example for 5 rounds.

Change to shading C and proceed in example for 5 rounds.

Change to shading An and proceed in example for 5 rounds.

Proceed in example, changing hues each 5 rounds, 3 more times, for 4 complete rehashes of the stripe example, or 60 rounds, finishing with shading A. Tie off in example utilizing shading A.

To complete the sweeping I worked one round of single stitch around the outside in shading B, then one in shading C and two in shading A. This totally wiped me out of yarn, so if your cover is any greater you will require more yarn.

Weave in closures. For best results, wash and square before utilizing so it will straighten out.

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