Striped Baby Booties

Striped Baby Booties

I might want knitters to not utilize this example for Bosnian Booties for offering the finished booties or for individual addition, but instead to weave them for philanthropy or loved ones.

An individual from our congregation’s philanthropy sewing bunch paid 7 Euros for a couple of these booties in Bosnia. They have been “figured out” to work with our yarns; in any case, the style is basically the same.


Size 4 (US) twofold point needles 2 hues sport weight yarn (yellow and white as appeared)


In fastener st, 13 sts=2″



CO 48 sts with yellow. Work K 1 round—P 1 round for 6 or 7 fastener line edges. (Utilize 7 edges for a marginally more extensive fit, more qualified to very much encouraged infants.) While working the last P round, spot marker in focus at 24 sts from starting (where the tail of the yarn is).


Join white yarn. K to inside of 3 sts of marker. Work 2 sts together, K 1, pass marker, K 1, work 2 sts together (utilize a diminishing line that gives you symmetrical left-right inclinations), complete round. Work another round in white the same way. Turn white with yellow yarn, and work 2 rounds in shading in the same way. Continue working 2-round stripes, working reductions each round. After the third white stripe, sever white yarn. Work one more K round in yellow, finishing at heel. (26 sts remain)

Open Collar:

K 13 to marker, turn.

P 26 to marker, turn.

K 26 to marker, turn.

P 26 to marker, turn. K 5 lines for strap line sleeve—opening will now be sufficiently wide to take a shot at 2 needles—you can even now deal with the dpn’s. Tie off in K (WS).

Wrapping up:

Sew sole close. Weave in last details.

Make a chain with shading and string it in and out 5 times, just beneath the supporter line sleeve. Tie in front.

See Abbreviations and the Glossary for help.

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