Taking to the Skies! 6th Annual Marianna Fly-In – New Posts 2016

By: Erin Lisch

May 21, 2016

MARIANNA, Fla.-Taking to sky, 2016 marks the 6th annual fly-in at the Marianna Municipal Airport!

Vintage airplanes and whirly birds, take up the runways at the Marianna Municipal Airport. Hundreds of people marvel at the aircrafts at the fly-in.

One little boy looking at a helicopter used in Vietnam says after years of just looking up, he’s become aviation enthusiasts, “Because I’ve seen some in the sky!”

In the sky recently, the National Guard brings in a $5 million chopper, giving an idea of what the Armed Forces can use for missions.

Florida National Guard Chief Warrant Officer 3 Brian Epperson said, “Well this is exactly what we do we’re here for counter drug counter support missions and when people are interested in that and see, hey here’s an army guy this is what he does for us, this is awesome and we can tangibly see that right in front of us.”

People not only see the aircrafts, but also hop into Huey and Cobra helicopters (more than 1,000 feet up, to feel the thrill!

That thrill for flying never goes away,says 83-year-old Korean War veteran Harlan Linder, “It’s just a whole new world, it gives you a whole new aspect of life, when you’re above the clouds, and you’re free and nothing’s going to hurt you.”

A whole new aspect of life where the sky is the limit.

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