The Perfect Dive: USA Diving Regional Championship Meet – New Posts 2016

By: Erin Lisch

May 8, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.-Junior divers take over the Morcom Aquatic Center for the USA Diving Regional Championship Meet.

It’s not your typical cannon ball into the pool, these kids take their diving seriously

200 swimmers from 4 states, ages 9-18, take to the platforms and springboards.

In hopes of making it to the USA Diving National Preliminary Zone Championship.

Diving for 8 years, Kevin Mendez tells us why he chose the sport over any other, “It just looked really fun because you’re up in the air and flying.”

Taking the plunge, swim coaches say it’s all about precision.

Tomahawk Diving Club Head Coach John Lynch said, “Diving’s a hard sport, but with practice and training that’s kind of the deal someone makes it looks easy.”

The perfect dive?

“Just feet together legs straight, toes pointed and vertical as possible,” said Coach Lynch.

Practicing on trampolines and of course off the diving boards, take hours of dedication…one major aspect of the sport, mental.

Diving for 2 years Brenna Burns said, “Probably having the nerve to jump off and get into your dive, because that can be a little nerve-racking.”

“You always have those what if, what if this goes wrong, what if that goes, wrong what if I hit the board, all that it’s really scary. You get those what if’s out of your mind and those what if I ‘m successful!”

Reaching new heights, with extreme precision.

The event was funded through a grant by the Leon County Division of Tourism Development.

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