Twofold PLAY

Twofold PLAY


2 Balls Lion Boucle

1 Ball Lion Brand Homespun

Size 19 (15.0 mm) needles

SIZE: 7 X 56 inches

Gage: Unimportant


1. As a matter of first importance, calling this an example is a stretch. It is outright weave each line. It is the mix of the two yarns that makes it uncommon.

2. Lion Boucle is a shading rich mohair mix (20% mohair). This scarf can likewise be worked with two strands of Homespun. Next to each other the Boucle and Homespun are almost indistinguishable.

3. You should use both wads of the Lion Boucle, however just around 66% of the Homespun.

4. Weaving in the finishes and making them stay put can be a test. Just between companions: I utilize a toothpick and put only the smallest piece of Aleene’s Ok to Wash It, on the yarn and force that bit under a fasten.


Begin by tying a bunch in the very end of both yarns. These yarns both need to untwist.

Holding one strand of every yarn together cast on 12 fastens

Sew each column until there are just around 24 inches staying of the second wad of the Lion Boucle.

Tie off and weave in finishes.

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