Materials:3 employ sports weight yarn

Fun Fur in planning shading

Size 4 needles

Yarn needle to weave in closures



Thrown on 30 lines with games weight yarn

Column 1: Holding Fun Fur and games weight yarn together. Weave 15, place marker, Knit 15 (30)

Column 2: Increase in first line (sew in front and back of fasten), weave to first line before marker, increment in this line: slip marker, increment in next line, sew to last join, increment in last line. (34)

Column 3: Knit crosswise over (34)

Column 4: Repeat line 2 (38)

Column 5: Knit crosswise over (38)

Column 6: Repeat line 2 (42)

Line 7: Knit crosswise over (42)

Lines 8-15: Knit (42)


Line 1: Knit 24, sew 2 together, turn

Line 2: Slip 1, sew 6, sew 2 together, turn

Rehash Row 2 until there are 10 fastens left on every side. On keep going line, proceed in the course of the last ten lines (28 join).

Sew 1 more column with a strand of every Fun Fur and games weight.

Drop Fun Fur and completion rest of bootie with games weight just.


Weave 1, yarn over, sew 2 together; Repeat crosswise over line to last fasten. Yarn over, weave 1. (29)

CUFF:Purl 1 column

Weave 1 line

Weave 1 line

Purl 1 column

Weave 1 line

Rehash the last 3 columns (K,P,K) 4 times until there are 3 purl ribs on right side. (15 lines)

Sew up sole and back of booties.

Ties: Make 2.

Chain 50. Running however eyelet column and tie in bow. You can likewise substitute strip for the sewed tie.

/posted by Suzetta @ 2:16 PM


Love it ,adore it!! You make such flawless stuff!! Much obliged Sharona

# posted by Anonymous : 4:25 PM

Ha- – those are excessively clever! Much obliged for posting the example!

# posted by Anonymous : 12:45 PM

Those are soooo charming! Also, with Joann’s and Michaels’ basically giving endlessly fun hide at $1/skein I don’t feel so terrible purchasing a couple of additional for “just in the event that stash” purposes. Going to impart this to my gathering that does a considerable measure of philanthropy weaving for children. Much appreciated!

# posted by Anonymous : 9:32 PM

I adore your examples! A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing. I likewise adore your pom. My valuable infant has gone on and i miss him so. They are such partners arn’t they. Thank again to share.


# posted by Anonymous jackie shaw : 10:12 AM

So adorable. I have another grandbaby in transit so this is a blessing. Much thanks to you

# posted by Blogger Mimi : 8:30 PM

Gracious these are just excessively adorable! A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing. I have new incredible grandbaby in transit that I will make them for.

# posted by Anonymous Sheila : 8:59 PM

these booties are excellent I wish I knew how to sew.. I just got another amazing girl and these are so adorable… mabe I will attempt to learn.. alternately is there an approach to change over into a stitch? a debt of gratitude is in order for shareing every one of your examples they are simply exquisite

# posted by Anonymous Dianne : 11:29 AM

Simply discovered your Sasquatch Booties – so adorable!!! Much obliged for sharing!

I was pondering, do you have a thought of an inexact size for these booties?


# posted by Anonymous Mooncat : 9:41 PM

The booties are around 3 1/2 creeps in length.

# posted by Blogger Suzetta : 10:02 PM

Those are so cute! :- )

# posted by Anonymous Isabelle otherwise known as Tricotine : 11:43 PM

I made one of these it is cute, regardless I need to make the second one. I have a photo of it on my web journal.

# posted by Blogger Kelly : 8:32 PM

So charming, a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing

# posted by Blogger Penny : 1:56 AM

Simply joined, and these booties sound so superb for my awesome grands.. /can hardly wait to make them. Much thanks to you to such an extent.

# posted by Anonymous : 4:17 PM

Hey, I have an inept question…Are we sewing these in the round on four twofold pointed needles?

Much obliged,


# posted by Blogger Wells and Chrisi Brockbank : 11:40 AM

When you read the example you will see it says, Sew up sole and back of booties. It is additionally composed in lines not adjusts. I trust that helps you to realize what to search for when attempting to make sense of if an example is dealt with twofold focuses and in the round or like this one sew level and sewn.

# posted by Blogger Suzetta : 12:17 PM

WOW FUN Thanks for the colossal pattern!!!! These are my first booties Ive made!! A debt of gratitude is in order FOR SHARRING….. Sharon

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